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I'm a developer at heart with experience in Go & Node.js on the backend and React on the frontend, along with a keen interest in DevOps.

Currently, I work @ an early stage start-up called Deens as the only backend developer. At Deens I have had the most impact in building a Serverless

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backend from scratch, setting up the CI/CD pipeline and replicating the lambda dev environment in local using Docker 🐳

Before that I used to work @ RentoMojo, as the backend lead. My major contributions to RentoMojo included the migration to Docker & Kubernetes ☸️

And at the beginning of my career, I developed and published the product of my first startup (Yolobots) from the ground up. Here I focused on building the app, server and making sure everything ran smoothly

Also, I'm a

Big believer in clean code & automated testing

as that helps to move fast while ensuring things don't break along the way


I am seeking a remote opportunity with a competitive and challenging environment where I can serve your organization and establish an enjoyable career for myself

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